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What is DataRevelation?  It is extremely powerful, and easy to use, data analysis software that automatically finds a world-class model (algebraic equation) to fit almost any data. Version 2.6 can work with very large data sets, and it performs automatic missing data approximations also.  It is unlikely that any competing model, with the same number of terms, will fit the data better. DataRevelation's specialty is complex, non-linear analysis of data sets with up to 19 independent variables, but it easily handles two dimensional curve fitting also. 

The user does not have to be experienced in statistics or statistical modeling to use this software.   Just import the data with a few mouse clicks and analyze the data with a click.  The resulting equation can be used in a straightforward calculator included in this software.
What is the output?  DataRevelation automatically gives the user a world-class model, and it orders the variables in order of importance.  Alternative models are also presented with the unimportant variables excluded. Missing data approximations are automatically generated, used, and reported.  The models and graphs can be viewed on the screen or printed.  Spreadsheet output files are also created.    more output info

What does the user input?  The user supplies a spreadsheet file containing the dependent variable (Y) and a spreadsheet file containing the independent variables (X1, X2, X3, etc).  In semi-automatic mode, the software presents the user with a pick-list of functions for each variable ordered by mathematical desirability.  In automatic mode, the software makes all the decisions.

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